There is a wide range of colors out there; powder coating can be done in any color. There are also various finishes that you can have; gloss finishes, metallic, flat, and pearlescent finishes. Powder coating can also come with special properties such as anti-graffiti for outdoor use or anti-bacterial for medical applications. At times, you would like to break out of the basic cycle of color and have something unique of your own. We have got you covered with custom powder coating; you can invent your powder color and break the norm. You also do not have to stick to one color; we ensure that you can have whichever style you want for your equipment and other surfaces you would like to coat. Having the right color of powder coating is important, especially when working with a specific theme; therefore, to match other coated parts, decorative pieces, a branding decision, or even liquid paint, we offer custom powder coating for our clients. A team of color experts can help you come up with whichever color and end up with the quality product that you were hoping for, all you have to do is send a sample of the color you want, the type of product, the finishes you would like and any special effect that you would love to be incorporated in the product. Our work will be to bring to life what you have imagined. Custom powder coatings are the door to your imagination which is unlimited. Generally, custom powder coatings are very beneficial, other than the fact that you get an opportunity to create what you want and not what others want for you, custom powder coatings have no solvents, no liquid elements, and release very little or no amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. This is beneficial because it reduces the need to buy pollution control equipment that is very costly. Additionally, using custom powder coatings allows companies to comply with environmental protection agencies’ regulations easily.

When using custom powder coatings, you can easily achieve and accomplish a very wide range of specialty effects easily instead of using the other techniques and coating processes where it is improbable to attain these specialty effects. Custom powder coats are resistant to so many things like scratching, chipping, or even wearing down because of the thermal bonding process they undergo, unlike wet paint. Custom powder coatings can produce much thicker coatings without running or sagging than conventional liquid coatings. Items with custom powder coats have very few differences between horizontally coated and vertically coated surfaces than liquidated items. Custom powder coatings provide uniformity and evenness, and that is why most companies opt for custom powder coated items and equipment for high quality and uniform finish. Besides, custom powder-coated items have a shorter curing time compared to liquid coating.