Industrial equipment coating in Indianapolis is very beneficial to this equipment because powder coating offers protection against abrasion and corrosion, allows for the use of special effects, and is a sustainable use of technology that is bound to stay for a very long time because it does not aid in the depletion of the environment through emissions of solvents, volatile organic compounds or liquid elements. Some of the properties of industrial powder coatings include their durability; depending on the item’s pre-treatment to be coated and the type of powder used, they can retain their strong finish for up to two decades. Pre-treatment is essential if you hope to have a smooth and flawless surface finish; the old finishes must be scraped off.

In powder coating of industrial equipment in Indianapolis, whatever makes up the powder coating contributes to how long a coating would last. A powder coating consists of various components, each with its distinct strength that adds to its value when put together. Modern industrial powder coatings have a combination of fluoropolymers, polyester, urethanes, and epoxy. Epoxy is very durable, while polyester adds to the attractive appearance of a surface coated with dry powder. The thermal bonding process that powder coatings undergo makes them resistant to various factors like corrosive chemicals, harsh weather, rusting, abrasion, scratching, and chipping, making them a very reliable coating choice for industrial equipment. They also do not fade; they are durable and long-lasting.

Powder coatings cover more areas, even the hard-to-reach areas. Therefore, if you want to cut down on wasting resources, reduce labor costs, and lower energy costs, considering powder coatings for your industrial equipment is a good place to start. You end up saving because you do not have to replace corroded, short-lived equipment frequently. Since they lack solvents and VOCs, they lack carcinogenic ingredients and are also not flammable. This results in more safety at the workplace and makes them good for the environment. Due to their wide variety of colors, they make products bright and colorful, appealing to the environment aesthetically. However, there are some limitations of powder coating, like a limited number of materials that can withstand the necessary heat. When a piece is small, it is difficult to make a thin coating for it; when the equipment is large, it takes longer to dry and cure. Also, the costs of a start-up are high.

You can also use various equipment for industrial coating, and they include powder coating booths for batch powder coating of small and medium-sized industrial equipment. Anti-static hose for superior cleaning and consistent flow during powder coating. A chain-drive-in-out-positioner can put powder guns in any position. Contour movers automatically adjust a spray gun’s position according to how the surface to be coated is set. For a system to perform powder coating of industrial equipment in Indianapolis, it has to handle various shapes and sizes, high volumes of sheet metal products, and a wide range of substrate materials. It also has to change color quickly with a lot of flexibility and consider the amount of energy it consumes while performing powder coating.