Original equipment manufacturers powder coating in Indianapolis has been a powder coating technology for over four decades now with an extensive range of commercial applications. Powder coating has become more sought after and more popular over the years to the extent of replacing the conventional liquid alternative. It has grown to be a preferred coating option, and as it grows in popularity and preference, so does the requirement for specific applications to grow with it. This increase in demand for powder coating is very relevant, especially to original equipment manufacturers in Indianapolis. Original equipment manufacturers in Indianapolis provide good solutions using advanced technology to offer powder coating that is highly resistant to abrasion, chemical corrosion, scratching, peeling, chipping, and UV rays. There are also powder coating primers that have fast cure options. Additionally, there can be products that are formulated for post-bending. All these qualities are essential, especially when it comes to large and heavy agricultural equipment.

There are specific requirements unique to a client, such as a low-temperature cure powder or a high-flow finish. Rush Powder Coatings provides very durable OEM powder coatings that are sure to cater to your large equipment needs. You can decide to combine powder coating like polyurethane, which is UV resistant, and other high-quality systems to provide durability and high mechanical properties. This is a very good alternative that is both applications, user, and environmentally friendly. Using conventional application technology, powder coating primers can be applied successfully. The OEM powder coating industry is still growing, and the future is looking towards thinner films for powder primers and clear coats. This can be achieved by improving the resin system rheology and combining them, and engineering particle sizes. Additionally, those who manufacture application equipment will make improvements to ensure a consistent powder application.

There is a lot that comes with promoting smoother films with lower thickness. An approach that can be used in improving the melt-flow rheology. This is often not achieved because, as a powder chemist, you have to tamper with the powder coating’s physical stability. This tampering of the physical stability has consequences like an inconsistent feed to spray guns, poor fluidization of the powder, and impact fusion. These consequences limit the ability of the original equipment manufacturers to control film-control. Some OEM already incorporates powder clear coats technology with fine texture, which provides film smoothness and clarity like liquid clear coats. There are, however, some issues associated with OEM powders, especially in the application. Due to their fine-sized particles, the fluidization of the powder and transfer efficiency reduces. 

These challenges have not hindered improvement in the OEM powder coating industry. Continued research has borne fruits; Powder chemists have understood the powder clear coats’ chemical and physical interrelationships and overcame some of these issues. Therefore, you do not have to worry about poor fluidization; we offer OEM powders engineered to overcome these problems. OEM powder coating has a wide range of applications, including automotive, large and heavy equipment like farming equipment.